Friday, November 23, 2007

St. Report: St. Sarah

St. Cecilia is the patroness of musicians. She lived in the 4th century in Rome and wanted to be Christ's bride, but her father made her marry a pagan nobleman. At the wedding ceremony, the beautiful bride sat apart from her husband, singing to herself for God's help. Once when Cecilia and Valerian, her husband, were alone she gathered her courage and told him, "I must tell you that I have an angel of God watching over me. If you let me take a vow of virginity, I'm sure he'll love you as much as he loves me." Valerian allowed her vow and he became a Christian. Valerian's brother, Tibertius, also became a Christian. When the brothers were arrested, they stood firm and died for their new faith in Jesus. Cecilia buried them before she too was arrested. She converted the men who tried to make her worship false gods. When she was forced into a fire, it did not harm her and she sang praises to God for protecting her. Then a man was sent to behead her, he struck her three times and she did not die immediately. She lay dying in her own home, holding out three fingers on one hand and one on the other, showing that she still believed the blessed Trinity: There are three divine people in on God.

This is a requirement for Sarah's religious studies.


Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Lovely posts..

Divine Mercy said...

i read the account of this. she was left to die. very brutal. she died a martyr.