Friday, November 2, 2007

A Saint Report: St. Martin de Rebecca

Martin was born in Lima Peru in 1579. His father was Spanish and his mother was a freed slave. At first his father left his family without support. They were very, very poor. Martin grew up humble and devout. At twelve, he was sent to learn the skill of a barber. There he also learned how to cure many diseases. Martin’s father finally decided to provide for his son’s education, however Martin wanted to become a Dominican monk, and give himself to God. He became a Dominican monk and served his companions as their barber. He was also in charge of handing out food to the poor. He had much compassion for animals. He excused the mice that came into the monastery by saying to them “ you poor little things, you don’t have enough food,” so he fed them. In his sisters house he also had a home for wandering cats and dogs. He was very modest and he called himself “brother broom”. Martin de Porres died on November 3,1639, and was carried to his resting-place by bishops and noblemen. He was canonized in1962.

This report is a requirement in Rebecca's 7th grade religious studies.


Anonymous said...

A real favourite in our family. My nan (deceased) had a great devotion to him & all of us have too. He's great for passing exams!lol

gemoftheocean said...

I'm partial to Saints who have dogs on their holy cards! :-D

Ebeth said...

I like him, too, a lot! Animals are very dear to me, especially cats.


Divine Mercy said...

i really like this saint. in our church, we have a beautiful statue of saint martin de porres! :)