Friday, October 12, 2007

A Saint Report: St. Seraphin of Sarah

Seraphin was born in 1540 in Italy. His parents died when he was young, so his brother took him in. This brother was unkind to him, but seraphin trusted in God, and
prayed as much as possible. Even thogh he was parentless,he knew that God would care for him. As a sixteen year old,God called him to live a holy life. He became a laybrother,for the Capuchin Franciscan order.He became known for his wisdom and holiness. He was able to reach out to others through the Holy Eucharist.He died on October 12,1604, and was canonized in 1767.

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A Simple Sinner said...


Thank you for posting this article - I collect digitial images of saints, and had never heard of this remarkable saint before! Because of you I now know about him and have a great image of him that maybe I will one day be able to share on my blog!

Recently all the images I had saved on my computer were lost when my hard drive's memory got wiped out (computer problems are a nasty thing!)... So I have been in the process of rebuilding the collection. Saint Seraphim is going to be one of the first images I add to the new collection!

If you like saint stories and images as much as I do, a really GREAT place to look is

It is all in Italian! BUT, if you take time to look up and learn the Italian names for the months of the year, you can search it to find paitings (sometimes photos!) of the saint or blessed of the day. From there you can use babelfish (google it) to help translate, or just look their names up in English.

It really helps me when I write about saints and want to have paintings, drawings or photos. I thought you might like to know about it. Maybe it will help you learn a little Italian too!

Keep up the really great writing about all these great saints! More Catholics need to know about them!