Monday, October 8, 2007

Avon Calling! {A Commercial Break}

My two daughters and I have gone into business with Avon as independant Sales Reps. To make things available to everyone we know, we have our very own website that enables all who visit the ability to check out what Avon is all about, what we sell, and make purchases.

Avon is a great company, we have been using Avon for years. Rebecca plans to be successful and continue selling Avon in her college years.

Please, visit our website and see for yourself how fun Avon is. Online purchases are now delivered all about that as well.


Esther said...

Ebeth, I love the ease in shopping. I also love having my own Avon ladies :-) Thanks again.

Ebeth said...

Hey Esther! Thanks, we love having you!! Our very own friend, fellowblogger, and Avon shopper all the way from HAWAII!!!! How cool is that here on the east coast?!!

Thank YOU!!

Hugs!! :D