Friday, September 14, 2007

Saint Report: St. Seraphina (Fina) Sarah

Seraphina was born in an Italian town called, San Germiniano near Tuscany. Her family had once been well off, but misfortune left them poor. Seraphina was a very pretty and lively young Italian girl. She spent her time sewing and spinning cloth to help pay the family debts. At night, she prayed to Jesus and Mary.

Her father died when she was still very young. Soon afterwards she was struck with an illness that paralyzed her completely. She stayed in her bed for 6 years on wooden planks and was always in great pain, but united her sufferings to Jesus’ passion. Seraphina was left alone for most of the day, because her mother had to work in the streets begging for money to support her family.

Suddenly, Seraphina’s mother passed away and left her along in her bedroom helpless. Her friend, Beldia, came everyday with food for her helpless friend, but she could not stay with Saraphina through the night. Saraphina refused to feel sorry for herself, it is believed that St. Gregory the Great came to her and told her that he would take her home on his feast day. On March 12, 604, St. Gregory came to take Seraphine to Heaven.

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Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

How interesting..never heard of her before..

Divine Mercy said...

neither have i. thanks for informing us:)

Micki said...

We were just in Italy and stopped at San Germiniano (they pronounced it without the "r"..) I wish I would have know about would have been interesting to see anything dedicated to her. Thanks for sharing.

Micki said...

Hi Again,
Here is a site with information about her also.

She was listed under St. Fina.

"little" said...

Very interesting. I was searching for a "patroness" Saint,for my birthday, and found her! I'd heard of her while searching before, but wanted an image of her today, so found your lovely blog. God bless and thank you for your post! It made my b'day start off most happily!