Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Nightmare of Television.....when is enough, enough

As we check our queue in Netflix to make sure we have a "mom&dad" movie and a "girls" movie, I recall just a few nights ago when my handsome Knight-in-shining-armour declared, "There is nothing but CSI shows on, how many violent, gruesome programs do we need and then there are those unreal "reality" shows on, so there is essentially nothing on for the sensible, intelligent, uncommercialized individual and their families to watch." Whatever happened to "Leave it to Beaver," "My Three Sons", and "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman?"

Ok, now I am wondering, when is enough, enough? When are we parents, those "sensible, intelligent" people, going to stop buying into this and turn off our televisions and declare a change needs to be made and we want it NOW!

Seriously, I need to know what can be done about this horrendous situation we have on our hands. The violent video "games" that parents seem to think is alright as long as they watch it with them.....COME ON, What IS THAT going to do!!!!!! They will see it and it still leave an impression...explained or not!!! NO, IT's NOT OK to allow young minds to watch, play, and listen to violence.....plain and simple!!

Who's with me!!?? I want to roll up my sleeves and get to work to clean up the airwaves, make TV a place where families can gather together again and laugh, with wholesome family-encouraging programing, faith-based programing, just plain slapstick programs.

We could use to save the 13.99/mo we HAVE to spend on Netflix, too.


Therese said...

The room our TV is in doesn't have an antenae point so we use our TV for video's and DVd's. We just don't want our children to be subjected to secular humanism so they only watch what we have seen and we have thought appropriate.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I just read your post out to my kids. Conversation then went as following;
Me;"This is so true-how can we do something? I know we can hit them in the advertising, but how do they know what we watch don't watch?"
Son who studies Media; "People have a box that lets 'them' know what someone is watching at any one time."
Me "How do you get a box?"
Son "You can ask for one when you pay the licence I think."
Older son "But we hardly watch TV what would be the point?"
Me and daughter; "Then they would KNOW we hardly watch TV and have to wonder WHY."
Son who studies media "But most people watch a lot of TV including the crud, so they wouldn't care."
Me "Therefore ALL OF US who hardly watch TV need one of those boxes so they can SEE we are not watching."

Is there some way we can get them (whoever they are) to see what we will watch and what we want to watch as opposed to what we wont watch?

Divine Mercy said...

you know, there is just so much violence on tv, that sometimes i just can't stomach it and turn it off. i do watch alot of CNN and even that is bad enough!

Gretchen said...

Well, the only way we get it handled in our home is to have a Netflix account and a DVR. We also watch as a family for the most part. I am optimistic about the strong counter-cultural movement of homeschoolers and others who are opting out of the popular culture's standards for entertainment, etc. But I think we're seeing a larger picture here, and that is the inevitable decline of a civilization that rebels against the Lord. Israel has been through this many times.

Anonymous said...

we're still not ditching the TV!

Micki said...

My compliments to all the families that are trying to stop this insanity of TV-Movie worship. The shows I used to watch are getting worse every week. Guess I'll have to find the off button myself.

Lisa said...

We canceled our "Dish" subscription six months ago because we couldn't justify the trash in our home anymore. Not just the shows, but the commercials are inescapable! The Dish people called us about 10 times because they just couldn't believe we could give it up. Beyond their comprehension! We rent wholesome movies now, watch our own collection, read and TALK to one another. It's not as hard as you think to do ~ and I am a former TV addict... To really register your opinion about television, do it with and for God, where your vote counts...