Sunday, September 30, 2007

Betty Jo is missing...... FOUND!!! YEEEHAAAWW!!

Update and her story:
We found little Betty Jo in our rose garden a year ago as I was weeding, I pulled her up with a stubborn weed!! Let's see, where have I heard something like that...Oh, little Tom Thumb....well anyway, like all creatures here at the Pillarclimber's house, she is dear to my heart. The girls named her Betty Jo after the youngest of the Petticoat Junction girls, their favorite character next to Uncle Joe (movin' kinda slow....?) I prayed to St. Anthony and St. Jude, Rebecca gave up her Mass this am for her and we have all just been "down in the mouth" about loosing her. Daddy (the resident knight-in-shining-armour) found her under one of the bushes near her pen after one last desparate search to pacify his sad females and voila!! Thank you dear Sts' for your intercessions and to our dear Lord and Savior for hearing my daughter's plea. AMEN


Therese said...

aww. What a sweet story.

Divine Mercy said...

aren't turtles just the cutest little things? :)

Anonymous said...

Good news!

Divine Mercy said...

i just love turtles!

Ebeth said...

Little Betty Jo is truly a treasure. The girls have been caring for her even more now that we found her. Yesterday, she ate a rather large slice of cataloupe!

Hugs to you all!

Esther said...

My son loves turtle! What kind of turtle is she? We used to have a snapping turtle when I lived at home.

Ebeth said...

Hey Esther!

Betty Jo is a Eastern Box turtle....and as of yesterday, she is a convert!! She was part of the St. Francis Blessing of the Animals and was sprinkled with holy water. The girls are thrilled that she is now, with all the other pets in the house, a Catholic! hehehehe

Esther said...

ha ha ha! That's great!