Friday, August 31, 2007

A Word about a Saint, by Sarah

St. Scholastica was born in 480, in Italy. When her brother, St. Benedict, went to build a monastary for monks, St. Scholastica followed him. She gathered a group of women a short way away from her brother's monastery. As a sacrafice to God, they met every week at a house between the two monasteries. One morning, St. Scholastica received a message from God that she would die soon. When she went to meet her brother, she asked if they could stay together longer than usual. Benedict refused this offer, then Scholastica prayed to God. A great storm started raging and they were trapped in the house. Benedict asked scholastica, "What have you done?" Scholastica answered, "You would not give me the favor, so I asked God." A few days later, Scholastica died on February 10Th 547. St. Benedict saw her spirit flying up to Heaven like a dove.

Saint report written by Sarah, 5th grader as her weekly assignment in religion


Micki said...

Well done Sarah. You taught me a few new things about St. Scholastica. Hope you do more saints.

Kitchen Madonna said...

Kudos Sarah! I enjoyed reading your report! Ebeth, I owe you an email but the moving van pulls up tomorrow! Blessings girlfriend!

Esther said...

Good job on the report Sarah!

Ebeth said...

Thank you for your praise! I will be writing more reports soon. Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for the saint report.
I hope all is going well with your school. I know you have a great teacher.

Good luck with school this year.
God Bless your family,
Jonna Leaser