Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A word about Evolution/Creationism and the debate


Just read the comments that the pope had to say about it.

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Jeff said...

What is considered "absurd"?

(I take this tangesnt from some of the comments posted with the originating article...)
Yes, the bible states the world was created. However, it also states that the world was created in six days.

Now here's the question: do we limit God to our human perception of time, and say that all of his creation efforts were performed in six twenty-four hour periods?

There was an old Frank & Ernest strip that has always stuck with me. They are standing in a field, talking to the clouds. "God," they ask, "Is it true that 100 years is like a minute for you, and that a million dollars is like a penny?"
"Yes, that's correct," God replies.
"God, can we have a million dollars?"
They are told, "In a minute."

My point - a "day" for God in the bible could very well be an Ice Age or major evolutionary period/age.

Of course, even Robin Williams has cracked on the whole "Evolution vs. Creation" arguement... and I will clean it up from it's original:
In support of Creation, there exists one supreme example to trump the idea of Evolution... the Platypus! With the greatness of all other creations, the Platypus is the ultimate example of Creation... it's a mammal - but it lays eggs, and has a duck bill... explain that!