Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Word About Houston Drivers

It has been awhile since I drove in Houston on a daily basis, six years to be exact, but there seems to be no fear much less conscience behind many steering wheels there. I can't tell how many young and old drivers there were cutting off "slower" drivers, cutting across 2 - 4 lanes at a time without blinkers, and probably 4 out of 5 drivers on the cellphone going speeds in close quarters beyond safety! Literally, at parking our vehicle in my in-laws driveway, I dropped to the ground and praised God for keeping us safe. How in the world can we back-up and start over with driving skills, manners, and common courtesy? How in the world can we back-up and start over with thinking that wherever we need to be going, we can get there safely without scaring the wits out of those in our path? Modern technology is great, personally, I wouldn't want to be without my cellphone, but watching others drive and talk at the same time, doesn't even look good to me anymore.

Many, many lose their lives on these roadways each and every day, does death not scare people? Does dangerous driving habits on our roadways not shake a few folks up enough to make some internal changes in their thinking? As we crossed the Sabine River bridge at the state line, there is a big welcome sign that says: Welcome to Texas, Our drivers are courteous. Hm, courageous maybe...I wonder if they meant that?

All I can say about my experience today in the Houston traffic today is: Fear.


Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Sounds scary!

Kat said...

as a woman who travels 610 and 59 quite often...I feel your pain! :)

Catholic Mom said...

And will the construction on I-10 ever be finished? My parents live in Katy so I was traveling I-10 to 610 to 59 to get to Rice University where my daughter was at soccer camp--always an adventure. Of course since I've been living in the DC suburbs of Northern Virginia for the last few years, I think I've been conditioned to stressful driving situations. I do hope that I can eventually move back to a community where getting in my car is not a teeth clenching experience.

Christine M said...

Ever driven in Jersey? At least you have people cutting off drivers who are going slower. Here they cut off drivers going Faster! Now that's dangerous.