Friday, July 20, 2007

Kitchen Madonna's got APRONS!!!

Just wanted to remind those of you ladies and gentlemen(gift idea!) about Kitchen Madonna's stock of beautifully made and lined! aprons. She even has Christmas fabrics in and they are absolutely well as her newly dressed up blog!! I will be visiting KM this week, so I hope she has some sales to report when I get there!


Anonymous said...

if i get the apron i'll have to cook!

Ebeth said...

Well, you can at least look busy!!??....and cute in one of KM's aprons!?

Climbing at my brother's house in the OTHER Birmingham!!

Esther said...

Ebeth, I just saw your picture over at the KM's blog. How nice that you were able to visit!

Ebeth said...

Hey Esther, KM is a very nice well as Gman! How's it going over there!?
Climbing elsewhere this week