Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Catholic Carnival up Now.....#124

Sarah at "A Snoring Scholar" is hosting the carnival this week and has done a fantastic job. I just love her flower pictures incorporating the themes of the posts. Please go check out her Carnival this week. You may even find your "Climbing Mama" on the spread!

Also, there is a new concept coming up in the book swap world. PaperBack is a concept that 2 avid readers from Atlanta, GA came up with and have created a great way for those of us readers I know to swap without breaking the bank! Steven and Jeff...just to name a couple I fondly want to pick on. (:D)


SRMcEvoy said...

I actually don't read much in mass market paperback. I also get most of mine free from reviewing them for publications. I have only paid for about 15 of the last 200 books I have read.


Ebeth said...

Man! As a homeschooling mom with 2 reading machines heading into middle school....maybe I need to be a book reviewer for literature curricula. Steven, how can I get in this field!

PortraitofPeter said...

Thank you Ebeth, for your kind comments and I have just finished listening to such a beautiful piece of music 'Ashokan Farewell'.

I do wish you every success with this particular piece, it is deeply moving and would be a treasure to learn.

Blessings and thank you

Micki said...

Wonderful post Ebeth. It saddens our hearts to be reminded of this cruelty. We MUST pray....for all life.