Monday, June 11, 2007

How Asleep at the Wheel are you?

Corpus Christi Quiz

Last November, the U.S. bishops prepared a document to increase knowledge and reverence for the Eucharist. These questions are taken from it. Source: Nov. 14’s ‘Happy Are Those Who Are Called to His Supper: On Preparing to Receive Christ Worthily in the Eucharist’ available at

June 10-16, 2007 Issue | Posted 6/5/07 at 8:00 AM
1. What do we believe about holy Communion?

2. In what three ways are we united to Christ in Communion?

3. Who may receive holy Communion?

4. Should we ever refrain from receiving holy Communion?

5. How can we prepare to receive holy Communion more worthily?

6. May those who are not Catholic receive holy Communion in the Catholic Church?

7. May Catholics receive holy Communion in other Christian Churches?


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