Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Word about Family and our Awesome Creator!

God said that we are created in His image....and we thought it was only in our looks! It is Trinity Sunday. The word Trinity is not mentioned in the bible, but that doesn't mean it is not so. God so loved the world He created that He sent part of Him, His Son to save us. The love that Jesus has for His father and vice versa pours out to us in the form of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guides us, the Church, and give us wisdom, knowledge, and direction that protects us as we journey through time. This is the Blessed Trinity. This is in the bible, that Jesus said in the end, "I am with you always, and that I will send an advocate." Who, pray tell, it the Advocate? The Holy Spirit. Equally from God the Creator and from His Son the savior, the Holy Spirit is with us always.

The Family unit is the most important unit in the creation of man. From this unit comes forth the next generation. This is the cycle that God created for His creation to continue growing from. His gift of Love, the emotion that draws man and woman together in the first place, then in holy matrimony, draws them closer still in their union and brings forth a fruit of the next generation. The man, the woman, and the fruit...three to make one unit, the family. Our God is an awesome God for his plan is so amazingly perfect. The Blessed Trinity, God, Son, and Holy Spirit is the design we take after as a family. This is how we are so like Him in his image.


Esther said...

Very good reflection Ebeth!

Ebeth said...

Thanks, Esther! I must admit, I have been camping out at your place!


PortraitofPeter said...


I so delighted your violin recital proved to be a wonderful event.

The violin is such a beautiful instrument hence my luv of 'Secret Garden.

Lori said...


Ebeth said...

Peter! Thanks! "Secret Garden" was such a pleasant surprise for me and inspiring.


Thanks for your input Lori! I appreciate your comment and the visit.

Suzanne said...
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