Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I've been tagged!! Eight things about me meme

Jackie from Catholic Mom of 10 tagged me on this meme....... list 8 things about myself. I am supposed to list 8 things about me and then tag 8 others to continue the meme. Everyone who gets tagged must do the same, however, not everyone is, so don't fear if you don't have 8 blogging friends to tag, just talk about yourself for a minute and enjoy the moment! Heeeere goes!

1. I am a long-haired redhead, without the temper. Just ask my family!

2. Born and raised in upstate New York, I am amazingly happy in the south. However, upstate New York is absolutely breathtaking!!

3. Married to a Texan, of which he claims no affiliation with the south...He's a Texan, of course! That, I had to learn the hard way!

4. Born a Wednesday's child and token sister between two brothers, both brunettes. .......They are both afraid of me, still. Can't imagine why? I doubt either of them remember the time I flattened one of them in the kitchen in front of the dishwasher.

5. Raised by a mother who never allowed dust to settle anywhere in the house, I am a revolutionary house keeper. Things are neat, put away, but not necessarily always dusted!

6. Sewing heirloom clothing and APRONS(Hi Kitchen Madonna!!) are my passion. Having 2 daughters was a true blessing!!!!!! They love momma's dresses I make for them and my husband loves not having to spend the money on dresses for his little girls.

7. An avid reader of Catholic and religious books and taking classes to study the faith in order to become a Master Catechist, I dream of someday being a graduate of Theology......and a professional violin player. No wait! an actress, or a country singer/fiddle player, no maybe just the wife and mother of my wonderful family.

8. I am truly blessed with the greatest knight-in-shining-armour ever!! My husband has been my beacon throughout my daily life, through childbirth, parenting, working, playing, and just being me. He continues to fly by the seat of his pants in my wake of energy and passions. Deus Gratis!!

Now I need to tag some bloggers! Jeff, Aldara, Peter, Karen (if she is not too busy with "Vows!"), Edward, Steven, Kelly, the Lady in the Pew!,


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed that Ebeth!

SRMcEvoy said...

My Answers are up now.


PortraitofPeter said...

Thoughts and prayers will be with you today - for your very 1st Violin Recital.

A special moment and I hope you retain fond memories of too.

Catholic Mom said...

Here is another meme to keep you busy!