Wednesday, May 16, 2007

PBXVI, one of our future clergy that will speak Latin as a second language? tagged me on this......

How many books do you own? I have so many, especially over the past 2 years of studying in the Master Catechist certificate program in our diocese. 78 are visible to me right now, but that doesn't include the homeschool books of 4 years and cookbooks, sewing, and craft books.

Book(s) I am reading now:
1.Common Sense 101 by Ahlquist
2. The Authentic Catholic Woman by Genevieve Kineke
3. St. Thomas Aquinas, Angel of the Schools written in 1931 by Jacques Maritain
4. Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton

Books I've read recently:
1. Holiness for Housewives, and other working women written 1951 by Hubert Van Zeller
2. The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd
3. Sunday's Child,
4. Lamb's Supper by Dr. Scott Hahn
5. Harry Potter's sixth year(can't remember the name) JKRowlings

Five Books That Mean a Lot to Me:
1. My Ignatius Pocket Bible, God and company, check in with it everyday.
2. The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis, read it with my girls and loved every bit of them.
3. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen (don't remember how many times I have read it)
4. Lamb's Supper, Dr. Scott Hahn read it twice, planning to read it again.
5. To Kill a Mockingbird, read it 3 times.
OK, and this time the tags are on: CatholicMom, Kelly, and Esther, Alexandra


Alexandra said...

Wow, thanks for the tag!

PBXVI said...

Thanks for doing this! And yes, I do love Latin and wish to use it as a priest!

Catholic Mom said...

I've posted my answers here. This was fun!

Tom Reagan said...

If you liked Chronicles of Narnia, check this out:

Something I did on the movie. You will need to scroll down to click on the link for my speaking notes. Hopefully it's helpful for you or your kids in some way.

Esther said...

Thanks for the tag. I posted my responses on my blog.

SRMcEvoy said...

My Answers are up here 'A Book Meme' Thanks for this one.

Yours Steven

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SRMcEvoy said...

My wife's books are on a different shelf in the hall. Reading over 100 books a year I could not keep them all just not possible. Here is the Booklist a list of all book I have finished since October 1995 when I started tracking them.


Anonymous said...

i love To Kill a Mockingbird too!

God bless

Anonymous said...

i'm tagging you on my blog...

Esther said...

Ebeth, I couldn't comment on the carnival post so I will comment here. You did an excellent job on it! Hope you host again when I am able to participate.

Ebeth said...

Thanks! Esther!! I was sooo nervous, but than I just started to enjoy reading everyone's submissions and it was a breeze!