Thursday, April 12, 2007


Have you ever listened to silence? shhhhh stop and listen now.... hear it? shhhhh

Silence is something we don't hear very often, and yet it is the most important sound a believer hears. It is God calling, answering, whispering to us about our dreams, troubles, and despairs. Silly isn't it that modern man/woman needs to learn the discipline of silence as a skill called meditation in order to achieve it. But we must. Silence is good. (oh uh unless your are that mother of a toddler who just disappeared from sight a moment ago.)

God can do all things in any way He chooses, however, for us to work with Him, we must experience silence. Here is the pot calling the kettle black! This is my belated new year's resolution. To concentrate on the silence, allowing my soul to touch my Lord's and hear His desires for me.

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