Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lawrence Welk's show

Will good clean and real talent ever come back to TV and the movies? I have three kids, one of which is up and grown, he watched all kinds of television. Miami Vice was a favorite. It so impressed him that once, at my sister-in-law's nursing school graduation, during a rather large reception for her, my son decided to showoff his new moves by jumping into the center of things, as she was opening gifts, yelling "Freeze!" pointing an imaginary gun at everyone. I was the one in trouble, my mother didn't hold back her thoughts on my TV censorship and a 5 year old boy.

Years later and two more children, I have changed, my priorities have changed, too. My girls watch only PBS and no Saturday morning cartoons. My husband and I hand pick their movies and DVDs, which they enjoy and vote on as well. They have basic wish lists as a result, I think. Christmas and Birthdays are much simpler than their brother's. He watched Saturday morning cartoons every Saturday and any other time the threat of silence became apparent. For that matter, the TV was on the moment we came home to the moment we all went to bed. When the Sears wishbook arrived in the mail, he was immediately set to task marking his desires....which encompassed the entire boy section of the toy pages. He wanted everything, and would only wear a certain brand of jeans, sneakers, and T-shirt. To this day, he is very materialistic from the car he drives right now to the Wii game hooked up in his room. His sisters, on the other hand, have not been exposed to so much commercialism and hence don't have the huge needs for keeping up with the newest gadgets. The are homeschooled as well, so there is another element that has been eradicated....peer pressure.

Which is where I was going with The Lawrence Welk show and the popularity here in our home. Our two girls LOVE the show, my youngest loves the gowns and beautiful voices, whereas her sister loves all the instruments, tap dancing, and watching all the old people in the audience. They look forward to the real talent and shear complicated simplicity Mr. Welk's show brought to the world.

Could there ever be clean, fun, and real entertainment like this again?

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