Saturday, April 21, 2007

Asleep at the Wheel

Now maybe I am just plain naive, but why do I read great books, written by great people, making great sense, then look around and see how nonsense seems to be the order of the day? Right now, I am reading "Common Sense, 101" about G.K. Chesterton and realizing that it is futile to be making any sense at all in this world..... Because, if you don't have money to change things, enough personality clout to make a difference, we are on a runaway train!

Recently, the Supreme Court voted to ban Partial-Birth abortions in our country, this procedure has been performed on millions of babies for years, yet educated, "moral", adults in leadership positions have allowed this murder, this gruesome and inhumane MURDER happen day after day, year after year. You know, this one is easy folks, babies can survive at 30 weeks with care, they can survive and can be put up for adoption after birth.

Teens are left to their own resources. Parents send them to school and expect the teachers to raise them up to be good citizens. I used to drive a school bus for the middle schools, when a student misbehaved on the bus so many times, the principal was notified and after that, the parents are contacted. At this point, one would think the issue would be resolved. NO, the usual response from these parents is: "It looks like this is a problem between the student and the school system." If the school system deems it necessary to enforce a certain dress code and a student doesn't like or agree with will see the local news channel at the school interviewing the student and the parent vindicating the student for disobeying the rules.

These same students are driving half ton vehicles around town with no supervision. Studies have shown that nearly half of all vehicular fatalities are caused/or involve a 16 year old. So, just now many states are adopting stricter rules for new drivers. How many folks had to loose their lives for this one?

Movies and television nowadays only breed hate, vicious murders and abuse, loose moral behavior, sex in and out of the marriage bedroom (usually with the wrong person), dating and homosexuality, cheating, greed, unhealthy competitions (Survivor/Big Brother/Trump's nonsense). Yet, people sit and watch this stuff. The news media is killing us! Morally we no longer see devastation and violence as a shock!

History does not repeat itself like some would like to resign to, it can't possibly; however, we should see it as a comparison to how the human person was before modern technology came along and mucked up so much of our moral waters. We've got to wake up and look around. Parents need to take back their kids and bring them home for sit-down meals, game night, long walks, hikes, cooking together, reading, talking and loving together. Wake up world! We need to make some changes. We need to tell the movie producers that we don't WANT violence any more. Tell the TV stations that immoral values, violence, sex, and greed are no longer allowed in our homes, so stop making them. We don't need the news 24/7, unless it covers the good stuff happening around us that we never hear about. We parents need to wake up and take is the family unit that need to be driving this vehicle now!!

Who's with me!!!


Alexandra said...

Thanks for your visit and comment today.

Did you see Esther's post at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii about the very special rosaries with the babies inside each bead? I'm ordering it today. Perhaps we need PETB: People For Ethical Treatment of Babies!;)

Ebeth said...

Alexandra. What a great idea! I am on board with PETB. Going over to ...Hawaii and get one,too. Thanks for the reminder! Ebeth

T with Honey said...

I'm with you. A good dose of common sense would fix a lot in this world.