Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Busy Brains..Always a busy brain!

A healthy and fruitful prayer life is a true gift, but how does one accomplish this? As a Christian, prayer life is necessary for both an act of faith and consolation that we have a father always listening and looking after us.  The discipline of prayer is, well, a discipline needing to be attempted daily, if not hourly.

At age 12 or so, riding my bike, realizing that I was thinking about God and that I wanted to keep remembering him every day has stuck with me today.  As a writer and life student of Catholicism and bible reflection, I have learned about God's fatherhood throughout salvation history.  As the years go by, I seem to go deeper into reflection of our Lord's glory and love for us.  I find myself thanking him for his sacrifice, love, and forgiveness in simple words daily.

As a Catholic Christian, I am part of a faith with many ways to pray and communicate with our Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The rosary where we meditate on Jesus' life and his mother's, the Mass, where we are both forgiven and fed, novenas, adoration, where we sit in a chapel devoted to our Lord, the list goes on.  The blessed trinity and the sign of the cross is a simple prayer with so much power. Who do you relate to mostly?  I seem to always address my prayer with "Dear Father..."  But my little thoughts throughout the day are directed to Jesus and his sacrifice as thanksgiving and appreciation, especially during Mass and my time in the Adoration Chapel.

Probably the biggest hangup and hindrance in prayer is our busy brains.  So many people talk about the interruptions that happen during our rosary, meditation, adoration, and Mass.  Some job that needs our attention, children, chores, issues that we get caught up in, merely life details come into our thoughts and our prayer goes awry.  Here is where discipline comes in, we have to redirect our thoughts and get back to our prayer.   Recite a Hail Mary, the Lord's Prayer, the Jesus prayer, or even just the sign of the cross will get us back.  With daily practice our communications with our holy Father will become more and more fruitful. 

This is my prayer that I can, and you too, can have clearer brains and a closer relationship with out Heavenly Father!

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