Friday, November 17, 2017

Be Prepared! Wisdom

 Wisdom 13:1-9 and Luke 17: 26-37
For years I have complained to my husband about how bored I am with the mundane weekly grind.   Sundays are my favorite day, we attend Mass and then have a family meal together.  But then Monday arrives and the rat race begins, or as I complain, returns.  In today's readings, it struck me that I have fallen into the same routine as so many others around me.  Get up, go to work, come home, go to sleep, and then repeat for 4 more days.  All without really looking around and realizing the beauty of He who created it.

Today we find in the readings, in the Word of God, that we need to be in constant awareness of our Creator's presence and live our lives accordingly.  In Wisdom, we are told of the times of Noah, when everyone lived, married, all their comings and goings were as it is today.  They were unaware of anything past their regular routines.  That is until the flood came and all were unprepared and lost.  That being prepared for the future, not the future of retirement, children graduations, getting married, having children, etc, but the future of our souls.  Where and what happens to us after our mundane routines?   Have we prepared and focused on the hereinafter?

Lest I sound morbid, death will come to all of us, the end of what we know and love arrives at some point.  Living the daily mundane is expected of us, but we need to make one teeny tiny addition to it.  God.

Find a way to add prayer, worship, and just the smelling of the roses around you.  Realize, without it bringing you down, that there is an end.  Prepare yourself for God's coming.

Here's the best thing!   God is a loving Father and He will take care of all of his children!  We are not alone and will always be under the guiding and loving hands of our heavenly Father.  In the words of my favorite St. John Paul the Great and our Lord Himself:

Be Not Afraid!

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