Friday, December 30, 2016

The Will of God....Good and bad?

The things that happen to us throughout our lives are known by our Heavenly Father way before we were even born.   He knows what we say, think, do, He knows us inside and out without a word spoken.  Amazing to think of this as a mom, I know my kids forwards and backwards, but no, I really don't, not to this extent anyway.

God's Will
The things that happen to us throughout our lives are known by our Heavenly Father way before our birth.   He knows what we say, think, do, He knows us inside and out without a word spoken.  It is humbling to think of this as a mom, I do not know my children to this extent.

Everything that happens to us and around us...God allows.  There is a reason for the good and the bad things that happen to us. It is hard to rationalize, however, why God would let bad things happen to those little ones that he loves.  I find it tremendously hard not to try to save my children from harm or a hard life  bad.  A friend told me once, "I've warned my children that there is no limit to my craziness when it comes to them."  I have to agree wholeheartedly on this for me, as well, when it comes to my family. But there again a lesson learned the hard way is most often committed to memory...forever.  The serenity prayer comes in handy during these times.  It is probably the best prayer for raising children.
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things
that I can change and the
wisdom to know the difference.

Can we, or are we able to trust our Heavenly Father?  Trusting God's will is having blind faith, courage to face the unknown, or the known that is not too comforting perhaps.  Mary's "Yes" is one example of trusting in both God's will and facing the scary known: the penalty of being discovered pregnant and not by the man she was betrothed to.  Trust she did and God took care of  her and the baby in the outcome.  Throughout the bible the ancients' stories consist of times when God or His messengers brought orders, curious directions, or prophetic advice that made them follow and trust in His will.  Now, however, it doesn't seem that we get the same luxury.  But it was quiet then.

Oh the noise, noise, noise!  In these times of smartphones, computers, and instant messaging it seems as though we trust in something other than ourselves much less our God.  Listening to hear the voice of wisdom has been reduced to Google, WikiLeaks, and Facebook rather than religious, parents, and the Bible.   Getting anyone to put down the device and go face to face instead of Face Time is nearly impossible without resistance.  Looking for silence in a noisy world, to stop the interactions and social time with strangers and distant audiences in search of conviction and legitimacy screams in the face of true logic and self-authenticity, truth, and spiritual direction.

Amidst this craziness of modern times, God's will is still there...waiting for our trust and courage.  It will come good or bad, and it will be at the hands of God for a reason.  What reason is unknown, but one thing that I do know, it will be for a good.   He wants to prepare us, or strengthen us, or perhaps show us a new direction to proceed in life.  Good or bad, it will be for the best and it will come whether we are on our smartphone, face timing with a friend, or reading this blog post.

The key is being open and trusting in our Heavenly Father that what he does is always for a good.  There is nothing from our God that is evil or without love....nothing.

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