Saturday, November 12, 2016

Feeding the family AND A BOOK GIVE AWAY!!!!!!!!!

It has been clearly founded that a family that shares at least one meal together each day or as many days as possible a week gives the children a security and validity that those who do not share meals together have.  Why?  Donna-Marie proves it with her newest book, "Feeding Your Family's Soul".  In this gem of a book/cookbook/prayer-book/Inspirational book/activity book is easy to find prayers, recipes to try and enjoy; like Chicken Sausage Gumbo, Taco soup, and Irish Soda Bread, and activity suggestions related to saints, seasons of the year, and sacraments to name a few.  These very simple suggestions and reflections help parents lead their children into a better quality time sharing a meal, a prayer, and delicious food.

In the hustle-bustle of everyday modern life, small things like togetherness and quality "down-time" seem to have lost it's place on the priority list in family daily life.  Donna-Marie urges and leads our families back to those slower days with grace, love, and delicious recipes.  I especially enjoyed seeing the recipes since I'm a recipe junkie, but the prayers and reflections are genuine and peaceful.  With so much angst in our world, the family need to be a place where we can come together and close the world out for the night and rejuvenate.

Many thanks to Donna-Marie and Paraclete Publishing for the 2 books, one of which I will give away to one lucky winner!    Leave a comment below and tell me a little about your family!  I'll draw a lucky winner on December 1st!!

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Suzanne B said...

Ebeth - we are a Catholic family of nine. We homeschool and live so that we can love our Faith! My daughters and I enjoying cooking and baking together in the kitchen. Even the boys like to help out and cook. :)

RAnn said...

We have three kids--our 24 year old is autistic, lives with us and has taken over a lot of the cooking. Our 21 year old is off at college and my 12 year old starts high school next year. I love having new cookbooks to try new recipies--or to make the kids try them.

Ebeth said...

Suzanne!! You won the book!!! Please private email me you address so that I may send you your new book!!