Saturday, November 7, 2015

33 Days Consecration Retreat: Day 2, a Work Ethic

Reading about St. Louis de Montford, I'm reminded of what I do for a living as a retail sales merchandiser for a large corporation.  Each month, the company wants our team of merchandisers to place displays up in the grocery stores and superstores we cover in our territories.  Most of the time, the display goes up one day and is taken down the next day or so by a district manager or supervisor that didn't like it for one reason or another.  I find it incredibly frustrating to see my work go down the tubes in such a short time.

On the 2nd day of our retreat, we learn about St. Louis working with hundreds of pheasants for 15 months building a monument to the Passion of Christ, on the day before they were going to have it dedicated by the Bishop, St. Louis learned that the government was going to destroy it under the suspicion that it was built as a fortress against the government.  St. Louis announced to the people that instead of it being build for worship in the midst, the monument will have to be built in their hearts instead.  "Blessed be God"  St. Louis was a great influence to so many popes due to his perseverance and faithful teachings from the likes of Blessed Pope Pius IX all the way up to St. Pope John Paul II who promoted this saint's teaching more than any other pope.

No my retail displays don't compare to a monument for Christ, but my attitude and influence with those I come in contact during my work could be a reflection of my faith in God and my desire to be Christ in the world.  Turning my frustrations into appreciation for my job and the opportunity to get up each day and be the best I can be for Christ for those around me will be what counts in the long run, not how long a display stays on the retail floor.

"Blessed be God!"

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