Thursday, November 12, 2015

33-day Consecration to Jesus through Mary Days

Finishing up the first week of this Retreat and jouney with Mary through 4 individuals who are now saints in heaven that lived a life of devotion to our Holy Mother.  St Louis de Montford showed us about surrendering ourselves to Mary, our prayers and all our works for the good of all mankind.

We live in a world where the mere word surrender is a defeated term, surrendering your power and control to another as in war or an argument.  Surrendering means that you've basically lost the fight and must give in to another.......we don't like that!  It's demeaning and scary because we don't know what will happen to us.

But now let's remember back when we were infants....oh well, let's go back as far as we can do remembering our total reliance on our parents, we were surrendered to their care.  My parents cared for my 2 brothers and myself very well....and as a parent myself, I make it a priority to care for our 3 children to the very best of my ability!

Now think of our Heavenly Father and Holy Mother, do you think that they would be less careful of us and the needs of our brothers and sisters?  No!   The more I think about what our Holy  Mother is about and her love for all of the world, she will never (here I actually CAN say never) leave us stranded or misguided.  She will take care of our prayers, good works, and gifts to share.  She knows who needs our prayers at every given time, who needs that extra blessing.

So, surrendering my prayers, and all that I have to share that was never totally mind to begin with, is easily done with my holy Mother.

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