Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Morning, back to ordinary time

Packing lunches, sending off husband to work, middle child to high school, and looking over the work list on my counter.  It's ordinary time again.

With every family member that leaves this house, I send them off with a prayer to St. Michael and a wave...this morning as my daughter walked down the street to the bus, in my usual stance I looked up.  The clouds were racing across the sky in a fluffy grey and white fury.  Racing beautifully and I thought to myself, this year I will find joy in everything I see and be thankful for my healthy family, home, husband's work, my work, and the multitude of blessings this family takes for ordinary.

Then a surprising though came to mind, if the beauty of these clouds rushing by in a fury is so beautiful, how much more amazingly striking is Heaven?

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