Friday, May 10, 2013

It's not just for me!

This morning I went to our daughters' Catholic high school for Mass.  It's usually pretty brief, 20 - 30 minutes tops (except a few weeks ago we had a visiting Priest, who usually celebrates the Latin Mass, it went for the traditional 60 minutes with a LOVELY homily)  Everyone, except for a few of us were upset and it did mess up the morning class schedule.

Anyway, I offered up my Mass this morning for the 3 women help captive in Ohio for 10 years with the six year old daughter from the house of horror.  God bless them!!

Driving home to get ready to met a friend to go strawberry picking, I got aggrevated at a couple of drivers and the traffic was pretty unreal for a Friday.  I realized something and it stopped me in my tracks, Christ is still physically in my stomach!!  Not only did I realize that, but I realized that I wasn't acting very grateful towards others in my head.

When I receive the Holy Eucharist, Jesus' body and blood, His saving self, eternal food, it is not JUST for me and my salvation, but for others too!  Not only have I received the gift of His passion and resurrection in the Eucharist, I also received a mission:  to go In PEACE! Love and Serve the Lord!!

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