Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why are Catholics so doggone pro-life??

Natural law...the law of nature of which God created dictates much of what we believe. 

1.  That Man and Women's bodies were made for each other and for procreation. 

2. That life come from the union of man and woman, no other way.

3.  That at the very time of conception, God creates and instills a unique soul for each new life.

4.  That unique soul makes the glob of cells a PERSON, a viable and true growing person!

5. All persons of all ages are worth life, love, and the pursuit of happiness, no matter their health state.

Because of that unique gift of a soul, divine and God given to each and ever person conceived by one man and one woman we are to be protected, respected, and loved.   Period.  No deviation allowed by nature.

During the election year, we must follow these teachings as God believing people.

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