Saturday, March 3, 2012

Media and the New Evangelization

There is a medium in town for all to be participants across the globe.  How we use it is up to the individual, who will use it will be up to circumstances and desire.  It is our invention, the online social media network.  I am a big user of it over the past 5 years as a blogger and email user and within the past 4 years Yahoo groups, Facebook, Twitter, and now won't end.  Controlled, it won't be, either for the most part.

For me, I choose to be online, if for no reason than to have a small share in the control, a God-loving, God-fearing part spreading good across the globe.  There will be a flourish of bad, dirty, wicked, and just plain evil on either side of my small good, but I know that  there will be many others that are good and will do good on these social networks.  So I will march amidst the evil and hopefully the good will overtake the bad....someday.


Matthew said...

New Media has allowed for Catholicism to reach even more people. We can study the Traditional Faith, using new means. There is nothing wrong with that. Look at for an example.

Ebeth said...

Thanks, Matthew, I think I know about that site, but should really share it with my readers.