Friday, January 13, 2012

Stylish Blogger Award!!

Wow, it's been awhile since I received an award or the challenge of a MEME, so I welcome it for a change of scenery around the Pillars.  Many thanks to Therese, from Aussie Coffee Shop, a blog I have always loved to check in on.  Two of  her children are diabetic and Theresa is passionate in both their care and cure, check out her blog to see some of the things happening for the cure of diabetes.

For this award, I need to list 7 things about me....eeeek!!  But I'll try, here goes:

1.  The Catholic Church is my passion, and helping in the new evangelism is my new desire.

2.  Next month will be the "Pillars"  Five-year anniversary of my polluting the Catholic world with my thoughts

3.  As a cradle Catholic, I fell in love with my vehicle to salvation in 1999 as I studied the history of the Catholic Church at my parish in TX with about 20 other ladies for a year.  I couldn't get enough to read, study, and praise God for that year....and beyond.

4.  In a dark time in my life, a friend told me to pray to God in specifics, I always thought you had to just pray for His will and accept what comes.  Anyway, I made a list of what I thought would be good traits in a husband and soul mate.  One being "spiritually stronger than myself, possibly even a deacon, I said that I'd love to be a deacon's wife."  Certainly, the other qualities were:  good sense of humor, tall, handsome, loves children, etc.  Well, a few years later, I met my knight (long story made very short, it was definitely Divine intervention even to the point that I heard the voice of my angel...or the Holy Spirit).  Anyway, he hadn't been inside a church in 12 years and was not a Catholic and even somewhat agnostic, but was supportive of my being a Catholic and raising our children Catholic.  Through the years, he would ask me questions about the faith, or why Catholics do this or that and I'd have to look it up or whatever and as the children came along I realized that I needed to know more about my faith and the Catholic Church since I was evidently assigned the religious leader for our family.  Today, I am a master catechist, Catholic blogger/writer, and my knight comes to Mass every Sunday, is sending our children to Catholic high school, and as been my biggest supporter in all things Catholic.  Not converting, himself, I have learned to love him where he is.  Now that's God will!!

5.  Raised with dogs all my life, I have slowly become a cat enthusiast raising 3 cats at present, one named after bl. John Paul II's childhood name, Lolek.

6.  Being a mother has been the most amazing gift I could ever have next to being the happy wife of an amazing scientist boy who is the best father/daddy to all three of our totally blessed children.

7.  Last, but not least, I am told I'm a good cook, I thoroughly enjoy crocheting anything and everything, sewing, quilting, and finding treasures from the past in attics and handed-down sewing stashes that I receive joyfully as the lone sew in the family.

Now to pass this award  to seven of my favorite bloggers:

1.  Kate at her blog, KateWicker, for her wisdom as we discussed being married to non-Catholics and advising me that I need to concentrate on loving my husband where he is and not worry about his may come and it may not.  Thanks Kate!  BTW, she is also a new author!!

2.  Denise, Dr, that is, at her blog Catholic Matriarch, for all the catechist wisdom she provides readily and thoroughly!   Please visit her blog, she is passionate about marriage, religion, family, etc.

3.  A local commrade, Evan has a blog that he works on that I enjoy and learn from many times, you can find him at Evanscove.  Lately, he has been linking Fr. Barron's stuff......YES!!

4.  Nick!!  I can't leave Nick (Phat Catholic Apologetics) out on this list, for all practical purposes, he has been my DRE extraordinaire for the past 5 years!!  He has been one of the original blogger friends and I have been able to watch his life progress from college student, exams, graduation, engagement, marriage to his love and soulmate, and now fatherhood.  Honored, I am all too appreciative of knowing him and having him as a dear friend.

5.  Allison's blog, Totus Tuus, is an amazing homeschooling journal.  She went to Rome as a Catholic blogger for the big meeting at the Vatican!!

6. RAnn, is our host for the Catholic Snippets each and EVERY Sunday.  Her blog, This that and the other, is a great book review resource!

7.  I don't want to end this with a limited number of bloggers that I consider dear friends, so fill in the blank with your blog, as we are so rich in spirit and grace in the Catholic blogsphere!

There are so many more that I dearly love, especially that  I know have this award given to them:

A Catholic mom in Hawaii
Jean's  Catholic Fire
Snoring Scholar
and more!!

Ordinary Time blessings!


Allison said...

Luved learning all this about you. You are so sweet and I look forward to checking out the other blogs, too.

Thanks, friend!

phatcatholic said...

You're awesome!! :D

Anonymous said...

Love your blog always!