Saturday, February 19, 2011

The "Pillars" is 4 years old today!

As all anniversaries go, one thinks about the accomplishments, friends found, happy and the sad times.  My knight and I just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary last week, boy a lot has happened during those years!

During the past four years I think instead of teaching the world what I know and love about the Catholic Church, I have learned more about what I love and know about the Catholic Church!!   This is what I wrote:
What I hope to do with my blog.
For the past several months, I have been wondering about starting a blog. What would I talk about, share? I know!! My faith and my desire to help other mothers in their Catholic faith. I come from a family of 5, three kids and our parents. Today, I am the only practicing/devout Catholic child, my two brothers are either not practicing, or not Catholic all together. Too many times, I have heard parents day that they don't know enough about their faith to share it and live it within their own families. The next generation depends on the parents of today to pass down the Catholic faith. Our beautiful Catholic faith is a heritage that should be cherished and lived, and shared and utilized!! We have the fullness of what Christ gave the 12 apostles, the sacraments of forgiveness, spiritual food, the Word, the Holy Spirit, prayer. Every Sunday, folks walk into Church to attend Mass and looking at them, they neither have the proper reverence, knowledge, and/or reasons for being there. I want to help. I want to share what I know and read. I want the holy Catholic Church to flourish and be the wellspring for our beings, families, marriages, and society.

Dear Father, I pray that this is the purpose of my blog, that I may share the love and devotion that you have given me to others. Especially, I want to reach the mothers of Catholic families and even those who are not Catholic, but interested in knowing more about our faith and give them the courage and resources they need to pass the Catholic faith down to their children. I ask this in Christ Jesus' name, who lives and reigns with you in the union of the holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.
Remembering how I felt that first day of decision to write a blog, I was very nervous about being 'out there' in cyberspace, alone and wide-open in my faith.  I remember that, for longer than the months I mentioned, the desires of my heart to help others was very strong, but not very sure-footed in the execution.  Studying in the master catechist certification program online through the diocese, I was learning a great deal, but not having a supportive pastor or parish for encouragement was disheartening.  It was a lonely journey these past four plus years; it still is and I still have no real clue as to why.  "Why me, Lord!?"

So, I reached out to the Catholic cyberspace and never looked back.  It has been a wonderful experience of meeting friends from England all the way to Hawaii and everywhere in between.  The encouragement and friendships are life-changing and it continues to this day!  The Pope encouraged us that we need to grasp the internet and use it for good, learning about our faith and other faiths, and passing on the faith.  That we can have friendships online that are good and fruitful, I know that we shouldn't replace these friendships with real friends in our own communities, but I have friends online that I've either talked to on the phone several times and or met in person.  How amazing that is!  With these new online friends, I have learned so much and feel so encouraged.

With each passing year working on the "Pillars" new things are learned, new opportunities are presented, and personal growth continues.  This is a good thing, a true blessing.

Thanks to all who have stopped by to comment, say hello, and add new insight.  I appreciate you so much!


Adrienne said...

Happy blogaversary, ebeth!!

You always do such a great job and have always been a "must read" on my daily agenda.

Jean Heimann said...

Happy Blogiversary, Ebeth! Congratulations and best wishes on your 18th wedding anniversary! :)

EC Gefroh said...

Happy Anniversary Ebeth!

Deanna said...

Happy Blogiversary! Keep it up.