Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Catholic Writer's Conference and Catholic Media Network conference

Truly the Catholic Church is alive and kicking in America!  I saw it with my own eyes and witnessed the amazing beauty in the celebrations, lively discussions, the Catholic companies, booksellers, publishers, radio and TV, and musicians!

Attending this amazing conference last week has given me a breath of fresh air, invigorating, and spiritual.  We gathered each morning for Mass and a procession through the hotel in Holy Adoration to an Adoration chapel set up in a dining room.  There we were able to spend time with Our Lord and go to confession at the times posted.  Each morning Mass was accompanied by Mr. Mark Forrest, the internationally known Irish Tenor and his musicians from around the country.  The music was beautiful.

We sang through the halls of the hotel unabashedly as strong, committed Catholics to Our Lord, we spoke to each other with peace and kindness, exchanging ideas and suggestions.  We sang praises to those who achieved successes and encouragement to those just starting out (like me!!).

Every single person I spoke to felt a deep responsibility as an evangelist for the Church, as do I.  But, since coming home, it has been hard to sit down and write about my experience, I've got writer's block and an overwhelming sense of inadequacies next to the amazing people that surrounded me last week.

This conference was sponsored by CMN and the young Catholic Writer's Guild.

There is so much to do and so much to write about.  Is there something you want to know? Learn?  Let me know.

Blessings to all!


Leticia said...

Ebeth, I wasn't at your hotel and missed the beautiful Mass and procession. Your description was beautiful, no writer's block there!

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Do you mind updating to my new blog please?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I too would have felt inadequate next to all those writers! I'm just struggling to get my own writing aspirations airborn! But I'm glad to hear you had such a wonderful time. We all need things like that to recharge our spiritual and emotional batteries.