Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ten Commandments of Internet Behavior April 20th 2010
A list of action steps to keep children safe while networking online.

10 Commandments of Internet Behavior

1. You shall remember that you and those you communicate with on the Internet are
created in the image of God and you shall treat all people with respect.

2. You shall take personal responsibility for holding up the dignity of all people by
refusing to take part in activities that embarrass or threaten another person.

3. You shall communicate with your parents or other trusted adults if someone or
something on the Internet makes you feel uncomfortable.

4. You shall not participate in cyber-bullying; your messages will be truthful and will
not harm others.

5. You shall take personal responsibility for protecting your name, your passwords,
and all of your personal information while using the Internet.

6. You shall not use the passwords of others at any time or for any purpose.

7. You shall use security software and update it regularly.

8. You shall never meet someone “in person” whom you’ve “met” online.

9. You shall never use the Internet to steal someone’s graphic, written, recorded, or
real property.

10.You shall always think twice, and then think again, before clicking your “send” key.

We grownups should heed these rules as well. HT: Marcel at Aggie Catholic


Anonymous said...

We need to keep those things in mind. Though I don't know that you should NEVER agree to meet someone in person that you've communicated with online. Sometimes friendships and even marriages come out of that. But precautions should certainly be taken.

It just comes down to behaving as Christ would have us behave, both in the real world and the virtual world!


Esther G. said...

This is good, Ebeth! Thanks for sharing. BTW, there is a little gift for you over on my blog.