Sunday, January 17, 2010

Generosity and the separation of church and state

About a year ago, I starting another blog, "keeping my ear to the ground" which is where I wanted to just talk about politics with a Catholic worldview. It got to a point where I felt that I needed to separate my emotions concerning politics from this blog. But today, I wanted to touch on something that was quite disturbing to me and I know many others concerning this new president of the United States.

During a European trip, the president described our country as not being a Christian nation, and at another time, the citizens of our country as arrogant at times.

My heart sank at the arrogance of this man to even come close to thinking that much less speaking it on foreign grounds.

This morning at Mass, at the request of the Pope, all parishes in the United States were to have a second collection for the people of Haiti. I have been an usher for over 4 years now, so I know that the second collection isn't as large as the regular collection, but this Nearly every family gave something, 20's 10's, checks, whatever they had in their purses and wallets were donated. The baskets were brimming!

Back in the pew with my family, I was able to catch my breath and realize what I had just witnessed. The people in my parish are truly generous, loving, caring, and above all moved to help all they can. We are helpless as we sit in front of the TV watching the devastation, pain, suffering, and death of these people. We are helpless in physically helping this nation pick up the pieces for the most part, but we can reach out some way. My parish did that today. We are even sending out a group of physicians and nurses to the area later this week or next.

Arrogant, not Christian? As the saying goes, when you point a judgemental finger at your neighbor, there are 4 fingers pointing back at yourself.

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Julia said...

That is so prayer is that they be surrounded with God's blessing and the efforts of all those helping be multiplied!