Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is my faith getting yet stronger?

Lately, I have been desiring to attend Mass more. Getting ready for the day, I look at my watch and wonder if I had, once again, missed my chance to attend Mass this morning. When I am at Mass, I look around and am jealous of the folks that are daily Mass regulars.

Wouldn't it be lazy of me to go without the girls? Would people think that I was lazy by leaving them at home with their studies. Of course they are old enough to stay at home, both teenagers, but if I am at Mass, shouldn't they be as well?

OK, who wants to inform them that they are to get up at 7 EVERY morning, get dressed, and be in the car by 7:40 to be on time for Mass.

This used to not be an all. My girls and I attend Thursday Mass for our school Mass and then Sunday morning Mass every week, including vacations. Just lately I want to attend Mass more....


Aussie Therese said...

wanting to attend Mass more is a wonderful grace Ebeth.

Many times Steve and I have gone on our own rather than prepare the younger children but we are becoming conscious of the need to take our children.

I truly believe that my faith is strong today because my mother took me to so many weekday masses.

deanna said...

Go on your own and see if that gives the girls the idea to come along as well. Our actions speak volumes, but you know that!