Saturday, January 24, 2009

My comment to the new White site

Concerning the Abortion Funding policy:
It is truly unfair to pose a mandate that gives the blanket permission on American money to be spent on foreign programs that strongly contradict the beliefs of many Americans.

Solution: On the income tax forms many Americans fill out, give those Americans the choice to donate to this program. Surely there are enough liberals out there that will happily donate to the cause of killing inconvenient babies.


Paula in MN said...

Now that's an idea I can swallow!

Barb, sfo said...

Hope you don't mind if I use this!! Thank you!

Marie said...

Well I have just written another blistering post on Obama and for those who dont 'get' how his policies resembles the Nazi's.

How any 'christian' could vote for a Pro-Death politician baffles me!

Peace to you Ebeth:)

Marie xooxoxoxo

Paul Tomas said...

I think the idea is fabulous - I want CHOICE, for crying out loud!


EbethW said...

Hi Michaela! Glad you stopped by.

Everyone, how can we get this idea to be taken seriously?

EbethW said... my guest. Thanks for wanting to. We have to have better choices here and the whitehouse needs to hear us!!!