Friday, April 24, 2009

Families fighting cancer

There's some fighting going on in my neighborhood.  Two families that I know of that are in the midst of aggravated assault in the most unforgiving way.  The enemy?  Cancer.  Cancer is a word that no one ever wants to hear out of their doctor's mouth.  Cancer, a topic that most folks feign away if possible.

Cindy, her husband Howard, and 10 children are under fire.  This is a family that is the epitome of traditional values.  They are devout clingers of the faith, believe in a good education for their children and have homeschooled them since as long as I have know them...which is about 8 years now.  Cindy drives a big van, toting all these gifts around town to this appointment, that lesson, church, bible studies, youth groups, whatever....there she'd go.  She blogs about her situation on her blog, faithful Promises.

Another siege is waging in the house next door where Mel and her husband are taking cover when ever possible.  Surgeries, treatment, kids, school assignments,work, and everything else that continues despite the battle.  There is hardly a moment to stop and take a breath.  Their children have rallied around their father as he endures the treatments, surgeries, and pneumonia. The cancer has metastasized to his lungs and the treatments have been hard to come by and/or to get covered with their insurance company.  Their younger daughter comes by to visit with our eldest daughter sometimes, but she doesn't say much about her daddy.

Anyway, I wanted to say something about these two families, good families, loving families.  Good neighbors and their wars are our wars too. We think about them, pray for them, and ask to help them.  What is there to do?

Please pray for these two families, Cindy and Dennis are fighting, but their families are at their sides holding the line of fire.

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Mom E said...

It's a hard battle they are under but with prayers from many their fight will be less of a battle and more of a journey. Thank you for posting.