Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Hypermiling update:

Keeping my speed limit at or a tad below, not passing folks, starting a little earlier, and coasting when possible; especially when I see a stop sign, light I begin coasting. Also, I am driving an 6 cylinder SUV and it can be done!
Each tank I have been able to consistently get over 410 miles per tank.

Prehypermiling mileage: 278.2 miles per tank

Hypermiling mileage: 417.9 miles per tank! No kidding!!!

I also don't use the air conditioning...unless I am taking my mother-in-law somewhere. The kids are used to it now and with the windows down and everyone's hair in ponytails...who cares!


Kitchen Madonna said...

You go girl! Although my car engineer husband tells me that having the windows down is as much of a drag as the AC. Go figure but I love the ideas of ponytails flying! Fresh air...healthier!

Adrienne said...

I hypermile - it becomes a game.