Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bringing Christ to the streets

I can't help but be moved to my knees every time I watch this. You may not be called to be a priest or a sister, but you may be called to teach, mentor, guide, and be an evangelist for Christ and His Church. Think about it....I am!!!!!!


Michele said...

i liked it until it got to the part where the chinese dragons were in church. that i didn't like. the mass is not about celebrating ancient rituals and ancient unchristian beliefs in celebration at a mass. the mass is about Christ. not man and his ancient beliefs and celebrations. i just can't stomach that. i can't. no offense. but that really churned my stomach seeing those things at mass. :(

Michele said...

and if that dragon thingy was not at a church then my apologies. but i have seen too many clips with pagan rituals being celebrated in mass before. namely at lourdes,and the desecration of the altar at fatima where a hindu priest was praying hindu prayers at the altar. that grossed me out beyond belief.