Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Netflix and homeschooling

Today, after a pretty good school day, the girls decided to relax after playing out the yard for awhile to watch the Disney channel. Hannah Montana!!! aaaaagggghh! So, a friend of mine told me she was amazed at how much Catholic stuff was on Netflix. I checked and was also do have to hunt, but it's there!

The girls watched Esther a full featured movie and enjoyed it as much as they did the Veggie Tale version...a few years ago!


Love2Learn Mom said...

Very true! By the way, I set up a group blog at for Catholic homeschool parents to share movies (mostly from Netflix) that they've enjoyed.

Ken Bireta said...

Here's a list I found of 76 Catholic movies on Netflix. Enjoy.

Alexandra said...

We've been using them for Catholic movies also. I've listed some reviews on my blog as well. We just saw a really nice non-Catholic documentary on Teddy Roosevelt...good for history as well!