Wednesday, April 9, 2008

St. Hugh of Grenoble......A Saint report by Sarah

Hugh was born in 1052 in France. He grew up to be handsome, tall, gentle, and courteous. Though he wanted to serve god as a monk, god had other positions for him. He became a priest and then a bishop. As bishop he corrected many unjust people in his diocese. To draw god’s mercy on his people, he prayed all the time. Soon his people were virtuous. Hugh still wanted to be a monk. So he resigned his role as the bishop of Grenoble, and entered a monastery. Finally he was at peace with himself. But it was not gods will for Hugh to be a monk. The pope ordered him back to Grenoble. Hugh obeyed. He knew it was more important to please god than himself. For forty years Hugh was very sick. He had severe headaches and stomach problems. But he loved his people so he kept on working for them. Bishop Hugh died on April 1, 1132 two months before his 80th birthday. He was a very holy bishop for 52 years then in 1134, two years after he died, he was made a saint.

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