Friday, February 8, 2008

In Flew Enza and a story about the gift

My husband, my knight-in-shining-armour, flew home from Houston yesterday with a fever of 104. The poor guy had just spent 4 days rallying up his mom to be better at visiting her husband of 60 years newly put in a nursing home and cheering up his father who misses his wife. We moved to the east coast 6 years ago, 1 year after Chet had his first stroke. That was very hard for my knight to do, but a better position in his field was awaiting him elsewhere.

Since December, my knight's father was hospitalized for pneumonia and something else requiring him to be cathetarized. My mother-in-law's refusal to visit him is not unusual, since she didn't visit him back in 2000 with his first stroke. My knight, the baby of the family, kicked in and visited him every day before and after work for 2 weeks until he came down with a fever of 102 for 2 days and I insisted that he stay home.

Since my knight's father has been in the hospital this time, another brother has been visiting him periodically and some cousins have gone to see him at my knight's request. His family has been very supportive and I'm truly impressed and appreciative to them for visiting and showing that they care for my father-in-law.

Now about the gift. When my knight arrived at his father's nursing home, he saw the shadow of a human in a fetal position barely moving, much less eating or thriving. His father just laid there, my knight was shocked. The next day, my knight got up early and headed to the nursing home to see his father during breakfast. His dad didn't do well feeding himself, so my knight fed him. The next day was was the day after that to the point that the nurse had him dressed and sitting up. Each day my knight brought his mother up to see his father and they saw him pick up and eat by himself again. His local brother had been visiting him pretty much all along, but with no progress in his father. The gift? Love and concern...true concern and that age-old drug called TLC. My husband has it and those of us around him are truly blessed in deed.

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Marie said...

how inspiring and what a blessing is your husband to you and his family. Thankyou for sharing your hubby's unselfish act. How beautiful.

Peace & wishing you both a Blessed Lenten:)

Marie PS: I hope your hubby is feeling better?