Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Son!

Twenty-six years ago, God gave me the best gift ever! The new vocation of motherhood and a charge....or maybe I should say one of God's masterpieces! My son has been such a total blessing to me and essentially grew me up!

Happy Birthday, Marshall. May you always be looking up to our Lord for guidance, encouragement, enlightenment, and love.

Love always,


EC Gefroh said...

Happy Birthday to your dear son!

Marie said...


I'd sing but it would break your ear drums LOL.

Peace to you all:)


Ebeth said...

Thank you, Ladies!! Isn't he a cutie!?? The only thing hard about raising this one was that by the time he was 15, I had to get a step-stool to meet him eye-to-eye!

Love to you both!

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Happy Birthday!

So Ebeth you have done the parenting into adulthood thing. I am just embarking on that one as my oldest is 18. Finding it...strange.