Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Word about The "Golden Mouth"

St. John Chrysostom. (Chrysostom, meaning Golden Mouth)

The Holy Father stressed how St. Chrysostom teaches that if young couples want to avoid divorce, then they should be formed in their faith before marriage and once married, they should form their children from a young age. In the article from CNA today,

Benedict XVI focused on how "St. John Chrysostom was concerned that his writings should accompany the integral - physical, intellectual and religious - development of the person." The Pope then explained how St. John thought a person should develop in their faith as they grow.

In his works, the saint highlighted the importance of childhood because it is then "that inclinations to vice and virtue appear. For this reason the law of God must, from the beginning, be impressed upon the soul 'as upon a wax tablet'."

Childhood, said the Pope referring to the saint's writings, "is followed by the sea of adolescence in which the gales blow violently as concupiscence grows within us."

For an age such as ours, that is witnessing constant attacks on the family, St. John Chrysostom had great words of wisdom for couples planning to marry. The eloquent church father said, "that a well prepared husband and wife close the way to divorce: everything takes place joyfully and children can be educated to virtue. When the first child is born, he or she is like a bridge: the three become a single flesh because the child brings the two parts together and all together they constitute a family, a little Church."

The Pope also recalled how the saint used to address his writings to the lay faithful who, "through Baptism, take on the priestly office, royal and prophetic. ... This lesson of Chrysostom on the authentically Christian presence of the lay faithful in the family and in society is today more important than ever."

So, in other words, we must teach our young people during their marriage preparation the importance of their faith and that it is a responsibility of their's to know and learn their faith BEFORE they have children. Adult formation is imperative, we can no longer let it slide in the church. WE CAN NO LONGER ALLOW IT TO SLIDE IN OUR CHURCH!!!!


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

It's an imprtant part of our homeschooling to explore what each child is called to; religious life/priesthood or marriage or a consecrated single life etc.
Each of my teens are praying for their spouse to be. For my oldest that might turn out to be the CHurch.

Divine Mercy said...

another excellent post! thanks!