Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Word about Homeschooling for our Family

With today's society going the way it is, media, TV, commercialism, peer-driven fashions, manners, and attitudes. I am not so happy with my children being in that mix. It seems that Church and God are being replaced in the 9 to 5 of daily activities more and more, so that Church and all that is of our triune God is lost. So with that I say, I have but one chance with my children to raise them to be eternity dwellers, first seeking God and all that is good for His righteousness sake. To yearn to seek Him first and to love, know, and serve the Lord.

For me, and I say for me and my family only, home educating our children is the right choice, I am home and willing do it. I have my husband's support and the children are very happy. In other words, it works for us. We don't have extra funds to pay tuition per child to attend the Catholic school, especially when we feel that we can, with lots of curriculum guides and other families, teach our children what they need to know to prepare them for their futures and, more importantly, eternity. It is the hard road, it isn't easy, and not all days are good, but I know my children, and they know me. The bonding that we have from the day we brought them home is incredible.

So, in closing, I like home educating our children, we have lots of fun, and I am learning along with them....I am far more smarter now after 5 years of homeschooling than I ever was! My husband enjoys finding ways to create science experiments to do with the kids and being the science, math, and principal of our little school, St. Ann's Academy. We are closer than ever, too. I was blessed to meet and marry my husband and believe deeply that it was God's hand in all of this as it unfolded. Looking back, I see what God has done in my life from my young college years to meeting my husband, from giving birth to our children, to taking them out of the formal Catholic school and bringing them home to teach them ourselves.
It was laid out for us, we just followed the chalk signals on God's big heavenly blackboard.


Anonymous said...

Great it works for you. Our children go to Mass in their Schools at least twice a week & every day with me...i've seen homeschooled adolescents go off the rails & i've seen schooled children do the same. i just don't think there are any thing i know is the years 2-12 are golden years! just my thoughts..

Esther said...

So far, I have not heard anything negative about a Catholic homeschooled child and I hope I never do. Thanks for helping to remind me why we homeschool Ebeth!