Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spiritual Direction REVISITED from 2007...ReVISITED from 2009...

This is something that I have needed and wanted for years and have never found help on this. I have asked my parish priest, the DRE (RIP), the diocese, and several friends who seem to be more comfortable in their spiritual skin that I am. No avail. There are two retired nuns in the area that have said that they would be more than happy to listen to me and my rantings and questions, but they are not spiritual directors. Lovely ladies, Edna and Rita.

You know my questions are these:
  1. What do I do with this unrelenting desire to continue to read, learn, and share my faith to anyone who will listen to me?
  2. Is there something I need to be doing along with reading and learning?
  3. The voice inside me is saying to preach, teach, and share.....but I am too afraid that I don't know enough to stand up and say: "Here I am....I'll teach and share to a crowd!
  4. When will I know I am finally ready to be an evangelist, apologist, or Catechist?
  5. Where should I go? Should I write a book? What stories to I have to tell?
  6. Or should I just continue doing nothing....but reading, learning, and hunting a SD?
Then, when I find a Spiritual Director, how will I know they are the right person for me and vice versa?
Oh well, nobody reads my blog anyway, so I still won't get any answers......


Adrienne said...

You teach what you want to learn and you'll know when you're ready when the opportunity presents itself. Simple!

Life really is much simpler than people make it out to be. I also think the concept of a having spiritual adviser is waaaaay over-rated. It appears to be a rather new idea for what we simply called "confession."

I'm thinking of a certain blogger who is so steeped in personal angst and worry, it is a wonder she can function at all. Well, actually she doesn't function very well. You can not progress spiritually when you are that focused on "self."

You're doing just fine. Quit thinking so much ;-)

Ann Murray said...

My advice is similar to above except i would say place all in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Don't do anything except pray and blog and let the Holy Spirit find for you what you think you are looking for - and if God doesn't do that - it'll only becuase He's got something even better planned for you.
Meanwhile, have a good day!

Denise said...

Take a look at my blog post from today. Keep praying and be open to unexpected answers to prayers.

Deanna said...

Those questions are probably more common than you think. They run through my head quite regularly. There is a book I have read and worked through many a time. I also loan it on a regular basis. Since you live too far for that, I will find it for you online and get the info to you. I can't recall the title just now, sorry. I will work on it. You are not alone :)

Deanna said...

The book is "What does God Want? A practical guide to making decisions. by Fr. Michael Scanlan. He is from Franciscan University. Great priest. The book is on Amazon.

Cindy said...

So if nobody reads your blog, does that make me a nobody? :))

If you were Methodist, like me, I'd say pursue seminary. Since I don't really know about your church, how is the youth program or even children's ed program structured? Would that be a way for you to teach, preach, etc in a setting where you were initially more comfortable? What about a women's Bible study? I really think there are a lot of ways that you can serve. You may just need to reroute your thinking.

In His peace - Cindy
MoM(Mom of Many)

EEH said...

Part of confirmation is receiving the grace to spread and defend our faith. Sometimes it happens when you least expect it.

I do youth evangelization for a living, but getting dinner togo at a local coffee shop this evening provided an opportunity to chat with a guy that worked there about marriage. We didn't get into deep, but he expressed his doubts about ever getting married due to all the divorces he's seen, and I was able to be a witness as a young, devoted husband. As I left, I wished him well with marriage in the future, and he said he would remember the conversation if and when the subject came up again in his life.

I'm fairly certain it was the work of the holy spirit that led me to him the sandwich shop was out of turkey... bah) and I'm very certain the Holy Spirit is present and working in our lives.

So, pray to the Holy Spirit to have the strength to stand up and spread and defend the faith! You can do it right from your very own neighborhood coffee shop...

Adoro said...

1. You're already doing it.'s part of who you are as a Catholic, and if you are living a good Catholic life, you're already there. Just keep working on it because it's a lifetime process.

2. If you're not praying, then your reading and learning are for nothing. Take time to pray in silence, or before the Blessed Sacrament, and don't blend reading/learning with that time.

3. I used to hear that voice, too. First, you're already doing it through your blog. Second, it's not about standing around on street corners preaching. It's about LIVING what you know, and letting the Holy Spirit direct those gifts. Believe me, God will send you souls...recognize HIM in each one.

4. Some things you just have to stop worrying about and DO IT. If you're not a catechist now, then volunteer at your parish...they are always in need. Look around for people you know who have fallen away from the Church, and...extend an invitation. A gentle one. And if you don't know the answer to someone's question, admit it. And don't beat them over the head with the doesn't work. People aren't brought to Christ through their intellect (for the most part), but first through relationships and the love of Christ shining through those who participate in His life.

5. Why do you have to "go" anywhere? If you want to write...write. This is where prayer comes in handy. And if you don't have any inspiration, then ask if it's your will..or God's will. And let Him lead.

6. I feel your pain in finding an SD, even looking for one for Vocational Discernment has been a nightmare. Think I finally found one, but it's more about discernment than spiritual direction. Remember that having an SD is a gift from God, not a right, it's a privledge. Read the Gospels, read the writings of Paul, including Hebrews (which he probably wrote, ignore liberal scholars who deny it. They would deny Christ...oh...many of them have.../snark). Read the Saints. Talk to them.

The Saints have saved me and have guided me to the point that I'm at now, as I've looked for YEARS for an SD.

If you don't have one, maybe God thinks you don't need one right now. Maybe you're supposed to learn to lean on Him, and not place your trust in a human who really is going to direct you to listen to God.

So...good luck, and I do hope you find an SD! God bless!