Thursday, March 22, 2007

Reading, reading, and just more reading!!

Reading is something I just can't stop doing! There is something new to read all the time. As far as what I is basically Catholic. Mostly, inspirational and continuing education due to the fact that I want to know as much as I can about my faith. Not only to pass on the faith to my children, but to all those around me. I have failed to convince some to at least agree to disagree with me and the Church enough times to make me feel that if I don't read and make notes to learn as much as I can, failure will always be my companion. The reason for this blog is for sharing the information that I learn through the continuous reading that I do to those who want to know more about Catholicism. Conversion, as I have said before comes to those who WANT to be converted and have an OPEN heart to hear the Truth. You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make it drink! No truer words have ever been said. So, here I go continuously reading, studying, and preparing myself to be an evangelist for the Faith.

There is so much information and people to learn from and those to NOT learn from that this is a challenge. For the past 2 years, I have been working on obtaining my Master Catechist certification. Through the diocese of my parish, we are supposed to go through a certain avenue of learning programs. One such avenue is Dayton University online learning. Dayton has become the most LIBERAL Catholic higher educational source I have ever seen. Be sure that if you take courses with them that you are prepared to fight the good fight in defense of celibacy and the priesthood, women NOT becoming priests, Sacraments remaining in the Church and NOT phasing out, Satan being a real entity, not just a mere illusion called the absence of God. Oh, along with this list of individualistic theology, CarolAnn, one of the facilitators for the courses on Ecclesiology that I took, came on my private email to e-slap my hand for taking the story of the "fall" in Genesis "too seriously!" That if I wanted to, I could, but it was far more rational to realize that angels didn't really fall from grace and she chooses to follow some other "priest" and his theology of Satan and the first fall, which is inconsistent with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, much less the Bible itself!

What I am saying is this: Watch your back in the world of Catholicism and religion altogether. There are those who are up right and alright with God and His Holy book and Christ's teachings and then there are those who decide that it is too hard to accept these realities and make up their own, so they can sleep at night and do as they please all the rest of the time. Be careful who you read, where you read, and what they believe. A real good site to check out before you believe something or take someone else's word for gold is: This organization is a Catholic Church watchdog for heresy, dissenters, and down right blasphemy. They also give the green light on lots and lots of good stuff to rely on.

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Very nice post! I linked to it and used it as a springboard for my own thoughts.